About Us


The Church my wife and I attend in Memphis, Tennessee, like all non-profits, faces a downturn in giving. I am sure many of you are familiar with this story. In the fragile state of our present economy, people have grown increasingly unable to donate money in support of their church. This is a sad and understandable result of an unpredictable future. The first items left out of a family's budget will always be those non-basic necessities. Churchgoers are still willing to contribute their hard-earned dollars to sustain their church, and yet churches are increasingly falling short of the mark that is needed to remain viable. Something needed to be done.

In an effort to generate money our church began to issue grocery cards that allowed people to buy groceries on the card. The store would then pay the church a percentage of the total purchase amount for the increased business. While this is a good idea, I knew there was a better way to leverage this concept. There needed to be a way in which a greater number of people could use the same idea as the grocery cards but on a much wider scale. And so the idea for BluePew.com was born. With the aid of the Internet, I saw a way to increase the money flowing into the church without causing any more strain on a family's pocketbook. Even if your giving level to your faith community is unchanged or increasing, by using BluePew.com you can give even more!

My wife and I, along with our newborn son, regularly attend church. The Church is a vital part of our lives. We recognize, as I'm sure many of you do, that faith communities enrich and promote the vitality of our cities and towns. Regardless of which church you attend, what religious creed you adhere to, or what your political orientation might be, through BluePew.com you have an added way to support our respective houses of worship. And the best part about it is you won't need to change any of your normal habits. Simply use BluePew.com as a portal through which you can begin your online shopping. You will pay no additional costs for using BluePew.com. In return, you will help your church sustain themselves through these difficult economic times.