What is BluePew.com?
BluePew.com is an independently owned and operated site that allows its members to make a financial contribution to their church by shopping online. BluePew.com is free to join and free to use.

How Does BluePew.com work?
A BluePew.com member logs onto our site, clicks on a store where he or she wishes to shop, buys a product at the regular listed price, and that store will send BluePew.com a percentage of the sale. This percentage then goes to the church of your choice. You pay no additional costs. (See 'How it Works' for a more detailed account.)

What does BluePew.com aim to accomplish?
The aim of BluePew.com is to strengthen our church's finances in these difficult economic times. Churches have been hardest hit by the economic slump and will need supplemental income to maintain existing services. BluePew.com was set up to provide a means by which a church can gain additional income.

Will I need to pay BluePew.com in order to contribute to my church?
No. You will, however, need to purchase a product from one of the online stores listed on BluePew.com. BluePew.com is not asking you to make purchases that you deem unnecessary. Rather, we want you to go about your regular routine of online shopping, only go to BluePew.com first, log on, and choose the store at which you wish to shop. When you make a purchase at whichever store you have chosen, that store will send BluePew.com a percentage of the sale. We will then, in turn, send this percentage to the church you have specified.

How do I know that BluePew.com will send the money to my church and not keep it?
You will know that your money is going to your church by checking on our site to see how much your church has earned from BluePew.com. (Note: it takes time for money to go from the store to us and then on to each individual church. While the contribution might show up on BluePew.com, your church will receive a check on either June 1st or December 31st.)

Will BluePew.com keep any percentage of the amount I earn through online shopping?
BluePew.com will keep a minor percentage of each sale for the costs of marketing, web maintenance, legal fees, association contract maintenance, and payroll. See the Terms of Use.

Why do I have to become a member in order to contribute?
By becoming a member, you do two things. First, you assign which church you would like to contribute to through our site. Next, you can see how much money has been raised for the church you chose. We will not use your information for any other purpose.

Are the contributions to my church anonymous?
While you do have to become a member to use BluePew.com (see above), your church will not be told where you shop, what you buy, or how much you spend.

Do the contributions to my church through BluePew.com come with any tax advantage?
Because we do not ask for any personal information, we do not have sufficient data to provide the IRS. You will not be able to consider BluePew.com monies raised on your taxes. BluePew.com is merely a way to supplement regular donations you make to your church.

Will either BluePew.com or my church be able to find out what online stores I shop with?
The church will only know the amount you raised through BluePew.com. They will not know where you shopped, what you bought, or how much you spent. BluePew.com will know where you shopped, but not what you purchased. We will not use this information for any other purpose except to find out where people are shopping and where they are not, so we can alter our site for more efficiency if needed.

Will my church be able to find out how much I have contributed?
Yes. This gives assurance to the church that the contributions are in fact coming from its members as a result of their activities online.

Is BluePew.com run by a group or an organization?
Neither. The owner, with the help of family members, has exclusive control over the entirety of BluePew.com. He is not associated with any group or organization. The owner created this site for the sole purpose of giving further aid to churches.

What does the 'blue' in BluePew.com mean? Why a pew?
We are drawing a reference to two common fixtures in our modern world. The 'Pew' is a common fixture in most churches, and in many denominations a plate is passed down the pew during worship to collect contributions. The pew is a point where giving takes place. The color blue is in reference to the virtual aspect of this site (blue is the color of a web link). BluePew.com is a virtual place to give to your house of worship.

Is BluePew.com affiliated with any specific denomination or religion?
No. This site was created for all churches. This website's purpose is to ensure that our churches stay afloat (and even prosper) in the difficult economic times ahead.

Does BluePew.com associate itself with a specific set of political beliefs?
No. This site is dedicated exclusively to our church's future, and sees no need in involving itself with any set of beliefs outside of those concerned with the future stability of our churches.

Is it difficult to become a member of BluePew.com?
Becoming a member of BluePew.com is as simple as supplying your name and the church to which you wish to make contributions.

Will I be able to find out how much I have contributed to my church using BluePew.com?
While we do not show individual contributions, we do show overall contributions to a specific church.

What do I do if the online store I want to shop at is not listed on BluePew.com?

Please contact us. Our website will be constantly changing to meet the needs of our members. In the meantime, look around at the stores we have listed. If you are looking for a specific product, chances are you will be able to find it in one of the stores already listed.

Does BluePew.com replace the weekly offerings I make to my church?
No. BluePew.com was created to supplement a drop off in normal offerings when times are hard. We do not wish to alter any of our members' habits, except for the obvious one of logging on to BluePew.com before online shopping. While we would like for BluePew.com to be of great financial service to churches, if our members discontinue their regular church offerings, this may render the effect of BluePew.com on the church's finances negligible.

How much effect will using BluePew.com actually have on my church's finances?
BluePew.com was created with the knowledge that online shopping has become more convenient and cost-effective than ever before. BluePew.com gives you the opportunity to divert some of this money to your church without any additional cost to you. Even if you are the only member of your church who uses BluePew.com, you are still helping your church at no additional cost and minor effort (the seconds it takes to log on to BluePew.com and choose a store).

If I go to an online store after logging on to BluePew.com, place an order, but then cancel the order, will my church still receive a contribution?
BluePew.com only works if you make a purchase at one of the stores listed on our site. BluePew.com only receives a percentage of each sale if the sale is finalized.

Can I make a contribution to other institutions besides a church (i.e. a school, a charity organization, etc.)?
At the moment, our main focus is on strengthening the finances of our religious institutions, as they are the hardest hit by the state of the economy. In the future, depending on certain factors, we will consider expanding.

How can I help promote BluePew.com?
Any way you can. Tell fellow churchgoers, send e-mails, make announcements. We gratefully accept publicity. The more people who are aware that they can help their churches by logging on to our site, the more effective our site will be in ensuring that our churches remain strong. Soon we plan to offer products with the BluePew logo for sale on our site to help with our marketing efforts.

If I want to use BluePew.com to contribute to churches, but I don't belong to any specific church, which should I pick?
One suggestion would be to find churches that are near your place of residence. Another suggestion is to locate those churches that are in most need of financial assistance.

Will BluePew.com have access to the personal information that I supply to stores for my online purchases?
BluePew.com will only have access to the information you supplied in order to become a member of our site. No store would ever allow us access to the information you provided on their sites, nor would we ever ask for it.

Does BluePew.com sell any merchandise with the BluePew.com logo on it?
As of yet, we do not. We are in the process of developing some ideas.

What is the 'Lale's Favorites' category? Who is Lale?
Lale is one of the website's founders. She will try to help direct consumers to great deals that she finds of interest.

Will BluePew.com list which churches received the most contributions through this site?
In keeping with the spirit of BluePew.com, we will only provide the contributions to your individual church. While we appreciate the competitive spirit, encouraging competition of such a nature might blur the true intent of BluePew.com, which is to maintain the financial stability of each individual religious organization. As each church is of a different size and makeup, with different financial needs, we do not think such a method would be appropriate.

Given the increasing amount of fraudulent material on the internet, how can you assure me that BluePew.com is legitimate?
First, we do not ask for any of your personal information besides your name. We are independently owned and operated (see 'About Us') with no ties to any organization. We do not ask you to pay a membership fee, promote any specific website or product, or give your name to another company. Doing so would only make people less likely to join our site, in essence preventing BluePew.com's ability to give aid to churches. Since we rely on churches and our members to promote BluePew.com, we would never do anything that would jeopardize this trust. The money is handled according to all governing laws. BluePew, LLC is located in the State of Tennessee.

How long does it take for the money I earn for my church to actually reach my church?
Once BluePew.com receives a check from a particular store, we put this money in a Trust Account. After a minimum of 180 days, we write a check to the church specified by our members. Payments to churches go out on June 1st and December 31st. In other words, if on May 5th you log onto BluePew.com and then purchase an item online, we will pay your church on December 31st. If you log onto BluePew.com and then purchase an item on November 10th, your church will receive a check on June 1st of the following Year.

Do I have to log on to BluePew.com every time I go online in order to make a contribution to my church?
Yes. You must click on a store listed on BluePew.com's website. In other words, if you open your browser and go directly to the store, BluePew.com will have no idea that you went there and purchased an item. Always log on to BluePew.com first, then click on the name of the store at which you wish to shop, in order for BluePew.com to work.

Is BluePew.com a nonprofit organization?
The primary concern of BluePew.com is to give financial aid to our churches. A minor percentage goes toward maintaining the site and paying any relevant expenses. See the Terms of Use.

Can I change which church I am contributing to after I have already specified a church?
Yes, and BluePew.com will keep track of such a change so that the amount you earn by using our site will go to the appropriate church. Members will have the ability to modify their personal profile.

Will using BluePew.com force me to pay more for the product(s) at online stores?

No. You will not pay any additional costs above the regularly listed price of the product you are buying.

Will BluePew.com ever ask me to provide information other than that provided to become a member?
No. Furthermore, we neither have the capability of acquiring additional information about you nor the desire to do so.

Will BluePew.com alert me when I have made a contribution to my church?

We do not, although your church will receive such information.