Privacy Policy


What information we collect:

During the registration process, we collect the following information: name, age, date of birth, address, email address, telephone number, username and password and nonprofit organization affiliation. Your age, date of birth, address, telephone number, username and password will never be shared by Blue Pew, LLC with any third party. From time to time we may share or ask your permission to share your name with the nonprofit organization that receives your funds.

Any information collected by Blue Pew, LLC is used solely for the purpose of identifying which nonprofit organization you are affiliated with and to ensure that the correct organization receives credit for your purchases. Blue Pew, LLC will use your email address for correspondence purposes only and for regular notices which may include special promotions. We will not share your email address with any other person or organization. If you forget your username and password, we may use your information to retrieve your username or reset your password.

Information we will never request:

Blue Pew, LLC will never request your credit card number at any time. After you have registered with Blue Pew, we will never request any personal information via email, mailing or telephone. If you receive any request purporting to be from Blue Pew, LLC, please do not respond and forward an email request or phone request to with “Personal Info Request” in the subject line. Please include as much additional information as possible. If the request was made by phone, please include a phone number. Please scan in mailings and send them via email to the email address above or forward mailings to:

Blue Pew, LLC
Attention: Customer Service Department
551 Williamsburg Ln
Memphis, TN 38117


What information we share with third parties:

In order to receive credit for purchases, we create a unique membership identifier which is shared with a third party vendor. The unique identifier is linked to your Blue Pew account and ensures that you will get credit for any purchase made. No other information is sent to a third party. You will be required to provide certain information such as credit card information and shipping address to conduct business with a third party, however, Blue Pew, LLC does not store or provide any of this information.


Why we have technical requirements and what information is collected:

When conducting a purchase transaction with a third party, we store your unique Blue Pew, LLC membership identifier in a cookie. For this reason, we require you to enable cookies on your Internet browser. The cookie stores a Blue Pew, LLC identifier and Blue Pew, LLC membership unique member number. This ensures first, that the vendor identifies that Blue Pew is the source of the transaction (Blue Pew, LLC identifier) and then that you are receiving credit for the purchase (your Blue Pew, LLC identifier).